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Pain Management

Myofunctional therapy is defined as the neuromuscular re-education of the oral and facial muscles. Myofunctional therapy is used to help treat the symptoms of headaches, temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ) and mild to moderate sleep apnea. Without even realizing it, many people have some type of oral-facial disorder that would benefit from myofunctional therapy.

Myofunctional therapy addresses all the facial muscles and includes the head and neck. It teaches you to breathe through your nose and rest your tongue against the roof of your mouth. You also exercise all your facial muscles and work on functional posturing and chewing. Our office is proud to offer therapy that includes facial and tongue exercises and behavior modification techniques to promote proper tongue position, improved breathing, chewing, and swallowing.

Your initial myofunctional therapy evaluation is extensive, and we will review your personal habits to determine an individualized course of treatment that is right for you. Your initial evaluation is very important in order to devise an effective treatment protocol. There are hundreds of exercises, and each individual is unique. We will design treatment based on your specific anatomy, habits and needs.